Our Services
At Recoveries & Reconstruction we offer a range of collection services Australia-wide, specialising in Government and utility recoveries.
R&R’s name is reflective of the company’s principles and approach - recovering overdue monies whilst at the same time reconstructing the relationship between debtor and creditor.

Core Services include
  • Overdue rates collection
  • Sundry debts collection
  • Utility fees collection
  • Civil litigation
  • Relocations
  • Process serving
  • Legal advice
  • Debt management advice and analysis
  • Procedural advice
  • Training & support

Why R&R?
With over three generations of experience, the team at R&R works closely with its clients to identify their individual needs and devise solutions to meet these.
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For fast and effective results, contact R&R on:
phone 1300 556 863 or email accounts@r-r.com.au

Our philosophy is simple and reflective of our values
you never look after something like you do your own